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Home Sellers Inspection Guide
Selling your home is often as stressful as buying a home. In most cases, once a buyer has put a contract on your home, they have 10 days or less to have a home inspection performed.

Here are some tips for preparing for your home inspection.

Unlock all gates and doors to allow free access to rear yards, storage rooms, and other areas normally locked or off limits.

Plan to have pets contained or boarded to prevent bites, lost pets, or a frightened inspector.

Remove personal items from underneath pull down stair ways, attic
access doors, and scuttle hole crawl spaces.

Remove personal items from in front of the electrical panel. Especially important in storage rooms and garages.

Replace burned out or broken attic and crawl space lamps.

If you have a system or component that does not operate, tell the
inspector and give a reason why and for how long it has not worked.

Do not rush the inspector or interrupt their inspection. Usually a home inspection will take about 2-3 hours.

Make sure all windows and doors are in proper operating condition.
According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, (ASHI), a residential home inspector is responsible for inspecting the readily accessible systems and components of your home. They are to inspect the systems and components and report on the areas which, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are deficient or significantly deficient. The inspector is to state a reason why those items are deficient and report their recommendations to correct or monitor the reported deficiency.